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NEWSLETTER Spring 2017

Music Studio of Debbie Scott

At piano in studio, lesson timeI must congratulate all of you for surviving another Canadian winter and coming to your lessons in the bleak darkness. We were lucky with the weather this year, but we still miss the warm sunshine and the short daylight hours are very tiring. As we enter Spring, I wish to update you on coming events to write on your calendar, and some reminders.

June Recital

To be announced.


I am proud of the progress made by my students and as we gear up for the third semester it´s a good refresher to remember some helpful tools for continued improvement, such as:

• Practice time six days a week is very important as follows:

~ Young beginners… 15−20 min/day
~ Intro. To Grade 3… 30 min/day
~ Grade 4 to 5… 45 min/day
~ Grade 6 to 8… 1 hour/day
~ Grade 9… 1 1/2 hour/day
~ Grade 10… 2 hours/day

• Fingernails need to be as short as possible at all times. They should be trimmed twice a week. This is extremely important for the quality of the lessons, practice time, proper development of technical skills and advancement in performance abilities. Long nails are not good for the finish on the keys.

• Encouragement must never be underestimated. The word “practice” can be perceived negatively by the student and if it seems to be an effort for the student to practice, use the word “play” instead, indicating how much you enjoy hearing them play.

• I write in a dictation book which summarizes what we covered and what to focus on during the week. Read this book to get an idea of what they are to do. It is a good way to check their progress.

• Eliminate distractions such as the TV, radio, talking so they can fully concentrate on reading the music and playing or singing.

Never hesitate to call me if you ever have concerns or questions on their progress. I prefer this over discussing at the lesson so as to not cut into their lesson time. So, play on and keep well.


Debbie Scott, B.Mus., RMT
(905) 459-7911